When a picture means more than just a memory!


Some special moments from recent weddings!

Your wedding is going to be one of the most important moments in your life and something you'll want to capture every little detail not only in its traditional sense, but also every special look, every intimate touch, mom giving you her last piece of advice, the tear on your cheek as dad hands you away and the awe in the groom's face as he sees you begin your walk down the aisle at church.  You want a photographer who can save every precious detail that this once little wide-eyed girl has ever dereamed of all her life!

I'm not just any wedding photographer just as your wedding will not be just any other event in my busy schedule.   Like the man you are marrying who is so special and compliments you in so many ways, you want a photographer who is just as special and who will be there for you every step of the way to make this the most glorious time in your life.   Once we meet and decide on each other, you'll be my 'one and only' for that day!  As a firm believer in quality rather than quanity, you can rest assured that I'm taking only an interest in you and making sure that every detail from the engagement to the last dance is captured as beautifully as you've ever dreamed it to be!

Please leave me a message here or call me so we can schedule a time and place to meet and see if we have what it takes to set the world on fire!

Thank you!